23. Jan, 2022

The haunting Nun of Essex

We were contacted by a gentleman fearing that his home had been invaded by an evil spirit. He goes on to explain that it is dream based and has not gone on to effect anyone whilst awake. He tells us that people in the house are waking up at the same time on the same nights after having the same nightmare. We made the trip to them the next week. Our 1st thing we do when entering a house is to complete a walk through, give's us the chance to pick up on the energy of and from with in the house. We are made aware of one particular bedroom upstairs above the master bedroom holding particularly bad energy. It was the first bedroom we went too. The corner of the bedroom was extremely heavy, almost a haze was seen ( Clairvoyantly) lurking in the corner. The best way to describe seeing energy is like the effect heat has coming off the road on a hot day. We went almost straight into self defence mode, armed with the Holy Rosary and blessed Holy water we knew were safe, however the feeling of imminent danger still lingered. I said a prayer to the the blessed mother and moved onto the next room. The house itself was bright, two bedrooms down stairs, and open kitchen plan, huge living room, bathroom and upstairs held two bedrooms, both with a cupboard adjacent from each other but not leading too the next bedroom. There was a second presence of someone, bright but restless. Once the walk through was complete we sat with the family and spoke about their history, which was when the witchcraft was bought to our attention. We had been made aware of the witchcraft earlier over the phone however, the extent of the witchcraft was soon explained, as we suspected there was more to the story. The family were extremely bright, close and loving. As the questioning from us, and the explanations came too, the root problem came to light. What was meant to be a half hour " chat " turned into a case solved. The daughter of the happy couple unravelled a story that made everyone chilled to the bone. The day the family moved into the home, she started her monthly anguish of womanhood. Soon after this, she would start school at a convent. The building was shrouded in stories of violence, abuse and a dark place within where even the nuns wouldn't go. There, she and a friend had the idea to start playing with Wicca, nothing too heavy just saying some spells and lighting a few candles. Amy immediately picked up on this part of the story, the friend was not so innocent in the story. When the girl finished her version of events, she went to her bedroom, I shortly followed. I asked told her that I needed to ask her some questions on her practices, and it came to light that the innocent wicca, transformed into a practice of hurt, suffering and also protection. She revealed something that led to her putting together a "Sour Jar" and burying it on the property. The garden, where the father was growled at and spoken to by an entity from a bush in the middle of the night. The girl has effectively turned her bedroom night stand into an alter. Little did she know that the practicing of these spells and the intention to bring forward something to harm one person and protect another invited something darker and malevolent into her home and her families life. We left shortly after with the promise of returning to bless the home and end the families problems. We were due to make headway for Whitby Abbey, north Yorkshire, over looking the north sea. After our time spent in Whitby, we made a stop at the house in Essex, bringing with us the necessary tools to bless the home and rid the house of the spirits dwelling within. 1st, we needed the invitation to be broken and out of the house. I informed the girl, that the paraphernalia of witchcraft would be coming with us, to which she was not happy, understandably she had been using this as a way to help her for 5 years and now it was coming to an abrupt end. She described it as feeling someone else's anger toward us, and wanting to act on those emotions. She bagged up everything, candles, tarot cards, books, spells made up, sealed jars, herbs, seeds, jewellery, boxes, voodoo dolls you name it, it was there. Once bagged up, I said prayers over the bag with holy water, whilst doing this my attention was bought to the top of the stairs, I had seen someone walk across the landing. Resuming the prayers, there was a sense of being watched, in anger and in sadness. Once I had finished, I had asked the girl to say some prayers over the bag, denouncing the occult, and unbinding anything binding her to these materials. She stopped twice, to stair at two figures stood at the top of the stairs, telling her to stop. Her whole family was in the living room. She finished the prayers, and returned to the room, here we began the house blessing. Immediately haunting phenomena began, banging, tapping, movement of objects. We started upstairs in the room where the oppressing feeling was and ended in the living where the family were seated. Whilst downstairs praying the blessing prayers, everyone heard running and walking around upstairs, even in the room next to us. The house was successfully rid of the spirits dwelling there. " We got our little girl back, thank you ". It should be noted, that whilst this family were experiencing these things, there intention of the girls actions were purely good, to help and protect herself and her family, it does not matter your intention, when dealing with the occult, it is purely an invitation waiting to happen. They experienced waking up with long haired black figures hovering over them, demonic looking nuns standing at the foot of the bed, nightmares, sleep walking out of windows and through the house, memories that weren't their own, depression, anxiety, sleep paralysis, spouts of anger and other things we won't mention. I hope you enjoyed reading about this case. They are still spirit free today. God bless.