How we investigate.

We start with an interview, interviewing everyone living with the activity, these questions include those of use of Ouija Board or interests in the Occult, abuse of substances like drugs/alcohol or practicing the area of Wicca, Witchcraft or Satanism. The purchase of antique objects, use of candle magic, hot or cold spots in the house bad smells or feeling of being watched. And leave you with a diary to keep a note of all things that may happen and have happened. You will need to have proof from doctors to say that you do not have a noticed and recognised mental health issue that contributes all that is going on. That however does not mean that nothing is going on and we realise that. Next we will complete a walk through of the house, going room to room getting a feel for house itself to see if we pick up energy or particular feelings etc. Depending on the results of all this, we would make an appointment to come and stay, using the technology we have being EVP recorders, cameras, spirit boxes and religious items. We must capture evidence that there is something there. Unquestionable evidence to present to the church of the religion of your following. From there they will decide the outcome. 

We understand how much of a delicate time this can be, and we understand the fear and confusion these things can be. We are whole heartedly want to help you where and how we can and know. Please trust our knowledge and understand that these things have a certain way of working. We do not come in looking for ghost or poltergeists, we smiply come to find an explanation for everything, during which we will use our technology and knowledge through experiences and research to get you the help you need.