I am a Religious Demonologist and a Psychic Medium, I specialise in the Demonic and Natural hauntings.

Demonology and Medium Psychic, how they work.

My Psychic abilities have grown, to the point where I can be live on my social media, and have a spirit come to me, and I would then proceed to give a reading as such. Case in point. I was live, just giving talks on Demonology and a man made himself known to me, name and appearance. I asked if anyone in the live had a man in spirit by the name of ..... and a woman came forward. It was her father. I gave a clear description, I was given a picture by the man in spirit of a pair of legs, and I asked about the legs, she proceeded to tell me legs was her nickname he gave her. I also asked her about a feather she found after he died, an inprint left on the bed and other details that were accurate. The reading was 100%. I give readings, you can book on our prices page. Demonology is simply the study in demons. However when you have learnt about them and the occult, some choose to go and help others who are experiencing activity in their house, which is what I have chosen to do. I have had a case of possession, demonic attachment and have others pending. God bless you for coming this far on our website.


What I have learned.

The spirit realm is all around us, everywhere we go. We live in their space. Spirits are higher beings, people like you and in, in a much greater dimention of timelss and loving notion. Demons are the same, they live in a realm right in front of us. Places, are not haunted. People, through two laws of attraction ( Abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse or general bad energy ) can attract bad entity's or spirits through their own realm and into ours. And the law of invitation. Occault practices, Ouija board, Black books, spells hexes dark arts and many more, can invite something directly into a place or person. The best place to communicate with spirits is church. She gives us a spirit non of us can ever appreciate enough. The Holy spirit. there are 3 stages to the demonic hauntings. 

Infestation. Whispering, knocking, footsteps and recurring nightmares. Thoughts that you would consider not your own or disturbing, 

Oppression. Bad smells, rappings, feeling of being watched, physical abuse. Sudden depression, withdrawal from family and everyday activities.

Possession. Disgust, disturbed or hatred towards anything considered Holy, bless items or the house of God being church, or the people with in it. Outwards manifestations such as the levitation of objects, people, hysterical laughter or screaming. Inhuman strength, the sudden ability to speak in unkown or dead languages. Tears of blood, self harming, physical appearences changing, contortion of the joints, blasphamy or hate towards God. 

There are many many more we can list here.

However fear not, even in the stage of possession we have a chance of coming back. The soul is pure energy, the same as these spirits, demons and other beings. It can not be destroyed, the soul/spirit in us is a gift of free will, and it is the part that can fight back. Through the lord Jesus Christ we stand the greatest chance of all. Remember the Devil is already defeated. Most activity can be explained away. However, not all spirits are bad either. Remember that the only way they can make themselves known is sometimes the ways that can scare us into thinking there is something bad there. Listen to your heart. If it really, really scares you it can be something bad. No matter the activity there is help out there. 

They have no time, no distance or concept of the world being one place. We as humans are simply a vessel for something inside of us so much greater than our own concept of anything we can imagine. Our spirit, once we die, is unrestricted in ability and knowledge of the entire universe. The human body restricts this, and until physical death we are simple here to love, learn and thank God for our time available to us here. Once we see that this is nothing but the blink of an eye, we can learn to appreciate the thing's we have and stop wanting thing's we do not need because the only thing we need here on earth is simple. Faith. 

St Michael the archangel defeating the devil.